Executive Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Employers are not allowed to treat you unfairly on the basis of your gender, colour, or any other discriminating factor. You have rights if you are the victim of executive-level job discrimination. Consult with a top-tier attorney at Ben Crump Law, PLLC about job discrimination.

You put a lot of effort into rising to a senior role in your organisation. You have the right to file a lawsuit if discrimination has prevented you from moving up the corporate ladder after years of achievement.

If you were unfairly let go or demoted, or if you were the target of a less overt negative action like an unfair performance assessment or pay reduction, you could have foundation for a lawsuit. If you were the victim of discrimination and you are an executive or senior professional, let us fight for your rights.

Types of Discrimination Against Executives

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the United States states that discrimination in the workplace is prohibited. Any discrimination based on a person's race, religion, national origin, or sex falls under this category. Even while discrimination is illegal in state legislatures as well, it can nonetheless occur in the workplace.

While prejudice can take many different forms, the following situations are frequently seen:

Illegal Retaliation

When a senior professional or executive faces repercussions for exercising their rights or reporting workplace discrimination, it might be considered illegal retribution. Retaliation may take the shape of, among other things, a wage reduction, promotion, or termination.

Denied Promotion

You might be eligible to sue your company if you were denied a promotion due to discriminatory factors such as age, handicap, sex, colour, or religion.

Salary Discrepancies

You can be the victim of pay discrimination if you discover that someone else with an equivalent job and performance level as you obtains a greater income, a bigger bonus, or any other extra perks. This is against the law, and you may be able to bring an employment discrimination lawsuit.

Exclusion from Boards or Panels

You may have an employment discrimination case if your employer or other senior staff members bar you from any decision-making panels or boards that you would normally be qualified for due to your position.

Withholding Benefits and Services

You can be the victim of discrimination if other workers with the same degree of seniority or qualifications are getting perks that were not extended to you, such usage of company cars, vacation money, or certain insurance coverage.


It is illegal to harass or treat an employee unfairly at work on the basis of their race, colour, or any other protected class. Racial insults, inflammatory statements, and the use of offensive symbols are examples of harassment.

Wrongful Termination

You may be able to get compensation in a wrongful termination claim if your employer fired you for any discriminating reason, including race, colour, or gender.

You are entitled to file a lawsuit if you have encountered any of these or other discriminatory incidents. To assist you with your case, you may also choose to work with an executive employment discrimination lawyer.

Executive Employment Discrimination in the Aviation Industry

Executives and pilots in the aviation sector are not immune to discriminatory tactics. A group of eighteen black pilots, according to CBS News, started looking into what they said was a "pattern of discrimination" at United Airlines in areas ranging from hiring to promotions.

The pilots further asserted that United Airlines deliberately barred African American staff members from advancing to executive positions.

We would be happy to assist you if you are an executive or senior professional in the aviation sector who has experienced discrimination at work. We handle disputes involving discrimination in the aviation sector and work on high-profile cases. Think about the assistance that an executive employment discrimination attorney might provide you in obtaining payment from your company.

Compensation Could Be Available

Compensation Could Be Available

It may be devastating for your pocketbook and emotionally taxing to work your way up the business ladder for years only to face prejudice that keeps you from succeeding. If you were subjected to illegal discriminatory tactics at work, you may be eligible for compensation. You might be entitled to a range of damages, such as:


The income and benefits you would have received if you hadn't experienced discrimination are included in backpay. This can also include the pay gap between the position you currently hold and the better one you would have gotten if you had been promoted. Any benefits, including insurance, bonuses, paid time off, and pensions, can also be covered by backpay.

Front Pay

Any financial losses you sustain from the discriminatory actions from the beginning of the trial to a later date should be covered by front pay. This can apply to both the pay and any perks.

Emotional Distress

Discrimination may lead to a great deal of psychological suffering. You may be eligible for compensation for emotional distress if you were subjected to harassment or discrimination at work.

In order to get you a just payment, your attorney can assist in precisely calculating your losses.

An Executive Employment Discrimination Lawyer Can Fight for Your Rights

It is intolerable to discriminate in the workplace in any way. Discrimination victims ought to be compensated for their out-of-pocket expenses as well as their psychological suffering.

Whether in the aviation industry or another, we fight for executives and senior professionals who were subjected to employment discrimination. We don't back down from challenging situations, and we have the power to make big, famous corporations answer for unacceptable behaviour among their higher executives.

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